prose writing

Lost and Found

Untamed flames as red as wine, dance drunk and disorderly across the walls Burning as slow and steady as incense sticks, infused with organic woods and essential oil; Somewhere between our ghosts and our silhouettes I run wildly with her Two children playing hide and go seek in the dark We glow…. Like burning embers… Continue reading Lost and Found

thinking out loud

Blue-Line Museum

I run toward what you run from, despite every natural instinct telling me to do the same. I look at that which would make you blind even though my eyes fill with tears. I listen to it all; the lies, rationalizations, excuses and contempt for me, because I represent your failure. l speak and act… Continue reading Blue-Line Museum

thinking out loud

Self-Construction Zone

As an architect of our bodies... we imagine, build and we create masterpieces; all while we chisel out the areas to define our own self construction. Some of us are made of clay, easily molded and shaped by ourselves while others are made of stone, barely effected by the elements of time, touch, age and… Continue reading Self-Construction Zone