prose writing

Lost and Found

Untamed flames as red as wine, dance drunk and disorderly across the walls Burning as slow and steady as incense sticks, infused with organic woods and essential oil; Somewhere between our ghosts and our silhouettes I run wildly with her Two children playing hide and go seek in the dark We glow…. Like burning embers… Continue reading Lost and Found

thinking out loud

Lions Breath

Our casual encounters always leave me tangled up indeed. Innocent but daunting, keeping things so ordinary, so plain, so neat Safety is the last thing I seek from you, but you know your safe with me. I may break you apart in tasting you, but that’s the cost of a gratifying feast. I’ll guard you… Continue reading Lions Breath

thinking out loud

“That Line”

Leaning on the that line of extreme and reckless... Being the best me means both, it’s embracing that constant push between doing what I can and being what I want.... trusting that growth will happen and believing in the process. It’s doing what needs to be done Right Now and sometimes that means without regard… Continue reading “That Line”