thinking out loud

Gender Queer

Knowing you as you, I do Unsure as him, as her Magnificent you were But we know, don’t we No mystery Shared history is clear Gender and Queer? Labels unworthy to define you and even if they do, Just be you And to thyself stay true

thinking out loud

Self-Construction Zone

As an architect of our bodies... we imagine, build and we create masterpieces; all while we chisel out the areas to define our own self construction. Some of us are made of clay, easily molded and shaped by ourselves while others are made of stone, barely effected by the elements of time, touch, age and… Continue reading Self-Construction Zone

thinking out loud

“That Line”

Leaning on the that line of extreme and reckless... Being the best me means both, it’s embracing that constant push between doing what I can and being what I want.... trusting that growth will happen and believing in the process. It’s doing what needs to be done Right Now and sometimes that means without regard… Continue reading “That Line”