prose writing

Lost and Found

Untamed flames as red as wine, dance drunk and disorderly across the walls

Burning as slow and steady as incense sticks, infused with organic woods and essential oil;

Somewhere between our ghosts and our silhouettes

I run wildly with her

Two children playing hide and go seek in the dark

We glow….

Like burning embers of broken glass

Clouding my capacity,

In this place where something happens, but where I expect nothing to happen at all

Bringing familiarity to what I know, and to what it is I don’t

Closing my eyes, pleading with myself to forget her, so that I could experience her again

Over and over

For the first time

A symbiotic wanting of needs

A Summoning ritual, this magical ceremony

Harnessing the power of practice, while purposely avoiding the art of mastering the masterpiece of you

Playing my part, the role you give me in your holistic ritual;

An active participate in your tangible take away(s)

I expect to feel like a stranger, in strange places; that’s easy

But I ask you to slow down sweet lover, and wait where you are-

So I can be there with you

As we run together towards this place of lost and found

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