thinking out loud

Lions Breath

Our casual encounters always leave me tangled up indeed.

Innocent but daunting, keeping things so ordinary, so plain, so neat

Safety is the last thing I seek from you, but you know your safe with me.

I may break you apart in tasting you, but that’s the cost of a gratifying feast.

I’ll guard you and protect you; but don’t think that doesn’t mean,

I don’t long to pull the covers back and explore the sheets beneath.

Like a relentless restless lion,

watching as she’s wanting; this object that she sees,

Knowing though that sharing has never satisfied the appetite of this beast.

This tool of patience has calmed me, certain of this “diverted attention” I seek.

I watch with tired eyes, knowing the cost of furtherance might mean to cheat

I see being ready (for her) doesn’t assure (her) availability; and being able (for her) doesn’t make her mine to keep.

But in this mind, I feed on her, Tender meat between my teeth.

While in these thoughts unclothing her temptations running deep

These images are very alive; a rather dangerous place to be,

I welcome only the brave inside, those not afraid to take a peek.

If these thoughts of her, you could feel, you’d see she rests warmly and exposed for me

Maybe pawed with admiration, but wounded little by these feet

But never alone or cold; she has all that she needs

As I provide for her-her wanting’s, knowing so satisfied she sleeps

When she wakes, she knows me..

This beauty and her beast

Guarding her with this growl

And this lion’s breath full of heat.

1 thought on “Lions Breath”

  1. I love the surrender I feel as I willingly submerge myself in your words. Keep your pen gliding beautifully. I’ll be always watching for any and every glimspe I can steal ~


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