thinking out loud

Blue-Line Museum

I run toward what you run from, despite every natural instinct telling me to do the same.

I look at that which would make you blind even though my eyes fill with tears.

I listen to it all; the lies, rationalizations, excuses and contempt for me, because I represent your failure.

l speak and act like your friend, relative, and priest while I can’t wait to get the smell of your perversion off my skin.

I laugh when there’s nothing funny.

Because you’ve made me clean up your mess.

Burning, beating, boiling, slashing and shooting, all the time reading the versus for clues.

Convenient messages from your Personal God, Constitutional rights, theory versus reality.

You destroy because you think you can, I build because I must stop you

If you hate me as you do, why do you watch me so closely?

Your attraction bleeds from your body.

I’m your your savior (for now) a temporary obsession.

You want me to break you, to force you to admit your sins, to fix whatever made you do what you did.

And ooohh yes, of course I care about you, pathetic F***.

At least until your sealed into the museum of my memory

Just another exhibit for those foolish enough to follow me in

To study.

You did it, I caught you, and now I own you until I let you go.

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