In Orbit

I can’t decide if this is going to be the right or the wrong turn in this decision-making process.
As I sit in a strong masculine and affirmed position, ignoring the weak
I block off the sight of it, the one you possibly see with in me
A vice piece, or a vice itself. Does it make a difference?
How do we get along, how do we cooperate? Two wrongs always make for questioning.
Paradox of choice, investment is a requirement and an investment of mine, yours or ours,

And may it fill the space it’s been given.

Committed decisions are in themselves just mere focused energy and all the above create decision fatigue.
Am I wearing you in, or wearing you out? And would it really portray me any differently either way?

I don’t know how much more I can change around her
I’m in constant orbit, circling her soul
I take the heat of her scorn
the frost of her freeze
The wind when she’s wearing wild…..
Like a comet it all moves in circles like a hit of speed inside my head.
Repeat and release

I’ll continue to be this statue…this broken piece of paramount to her flaw-full-ness (and trust me she vocalizes it often).
To challenge her, would be to reap that wrath
I am more advanced than she’s use too.
Continue your attempts to minimize me, and extort my flaws in order to appear more worthy.
Doing so keeps me silent to your ear,
but the voices inside argue louder every time
sharing the heavy side of this pendulum -the ultimate decision of you

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